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The secret of making money of 26-year-old millionaire

Josh Altman always seeks to impress people from the first second.

Josh Altman is the leading real estate broker Beverly Hills (California, USA).

He has done deals worth more than 1 billion USD in the world. Altman became a millionaire at 26 years old and is the author of The Altman Close.

On CNBC, he shared a way to make more money, whatever he did. First impression is the most important. It only takes less than a second, but will affect the way most people treat you.

As a real estate broker, for me, interacting with customers is everything. If I come to them with polite, confident style, I have a higher chance of closing the contract.

Customers will enjoy what I recommend and will want to learn more. Studies also show that in fast dating events, people form opinions about the enemy in less than a second,

regardless of whether any evidence reinforces their views. So, if you want to grow your business and make more money, master the following 9 principles.

1. Don't praise yourself If a person says "I just bought a farm in Montana" and you responded with "And I already have an island in the Caribbean", that's not a conversation.

That is chatter. Talking to customers like that will make you lose your business opportunity and money. Aim your words according to the topic that others have just spoken, no matter what your head is thinking.

2. Listening Listen as if your whole life is dependent on it. This action also shows that you respect customers.

There are also cases where you will meet someone who just asks a question to cut you off and talk about yourself. But refrain, don't say it again.

Try to listen, learn about the enemy and think of a negotiating trick.

3. Don't use a lot of professional words Talking in too professional terms will make your customers feel insecure.

Therefore, use words that are simple, easy to understand and clear. Not to mention, if you use unnecessary flowering words, you will be like a crazy guy.

4. Adjust the way of talking accordingly Psychological studies show that people will be attracted to people like themselves.

If you're talking to someone with a gentle voice, you should also reduce the volume. Do not overwhelm them. Make them feel comfortable talking to you.

5. Pay attention to dress

Wear a "successful" style, because that's what you want to convey to others. Always carry clean, polite clothes in the car because you don't know when you will need them. Prepared more still.

My customers are mostly super rich. Therefore, even if a billionaire came to see me in a worn out shorts and sneakers, I would still wear a suit.

6. Enter the correct role

I used to have time to lose weight. Therefore, I always wear clothes, eat healthy, go to the gym and play with people who like to practice. All aim to train from thought to action.

7. Know how to praise

As a real estate broker, I often praise customers or real estate a bit. For example, I will find the elements of the house I like, and tell the landlord: "I like this piece of stone" or "This exterior is very detailed".

Those are not flattering words. It is aimed at the common goal of both parties, which is to make money and close the contract.

8. Look at the eyes of the opposite person This is the classic advice in communication. If you don't look into other people's eyes, you'll create the impression you're hiding something.

9. Always have a positive attitude Energy will attract energy. Therefore, always keep a positive attitude. Always smile. Everyone likes such people.
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